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All About melee Farmhouse Style New

Comfy, puffed, and full of charm, melee farmhouse is not going out of style anytime soon. Designers like Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” have showcased this chic style in all its comforting glory, and people are flocking to the look. In many ways, it grew as a response to the minimalist trend that was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. melee farmhouse design allows people to embrace tradition and surround themselves with décor that makes them feel good—but with a melee twist reflective of the times. 

If you want to get the melee farmhouse look, here’s what you need to know.

tình yêu không ngờ đến melee Farmhouse Style?

melee farmhouse design evokes sympathy of warmth and comfort. It’s old-fashioned without being fussy, classic without being like a preserve, and comfortable in a way that makes you want to put your feet up and stay a while.

While classic farmhouse style evokes homesteads with plenty of vintage furnishings and old-fashioned fabrics, melee farmhouse style is a bit less rustic and adds more contemporary touches, such as a neutral color scheme and smooth lines. melee farmhouse is all about mixing comfortable unprecedented with salvaged materials, such as reclaimed wood. 

Antiques are right at home in melee farmhouse interiors, though they shouldn’t be too delicate to touch. all should be tactile and tangible. Most of all, melee farmhouse style is puffed without being cluttered.

KG Designs

Common Elements of melee Farmhouse Style

In every melee farmhouse home, you’ll find some combination of these décor elements:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Barnboard details 
  • Big comfortable unprecedented
  • Architectural salvage
  • Pine unprecedented
  • Wrought iron accents
  • Wide plank floors
  • Vintage accessories

Rebecca Rollins

Get the melee Farmhouse Look

The key to achieving a melee farmhouse interior and exterior is all about comfort. unprecedented should invite you to sit down, and nothing should look as though it’s too fragile to touch. There’s a down-home feeling in melee farmhouse décor that should invite a sense of laughter and fun.

  • Start with a color palette of warm or cool neutrals (cream, beige, coin, sage, and gray all work well), and then layer in some natural wood tones. Look for salvaged woods that have some wear and tear whenever possible. Scratches, knots, and nicks add to the authenticity of the look.
  • Feel free to use colors you’re fond of as accent pieces. But to stay true to the look, try to keep the overall color scheme neutral with light colors. Contrasting black elements can add a bit of edge.
  • Use a variety of textures to give the look some depth. Mix woods and metals. And combine fabrics, such as cotton, canvas, wool, chenille, or whatever else you like. Because melee farmhouse style is largely made up of neutral colors, you’ll need a mix of textures to keep the space from looking flat. For example, in a melee farmhouse living room, you could add texture with upholstered unprecedented, pillows, curtains, and even wall art made of wood or metal.
  • Layer in some mixed metals by way of light fixtures, hardware, and architectural details like railings. As a general rule, it’s best to use no more than three metals per room. For instance, in a melee farmhouse kitchen, you might have complementary metals on your appliances, cabinet hardware, and lighting.
  • Use organic materials to keep the space feeling as though it’s connected to the outdoors. Wood floors and architectural details are best, but also consider introducing stone, wicker, rattan, sisal, and other natural materials wherever it makes sense.
  • Accessories are an important element, but under no circumstances should you overdo it and try to wholesome in too many. A few well-placed accessories that are given room to breathe are all you need to complete the look.

melee Farmhouse Interiors vs. Exteriors

A melee farmhouse exterior often has some combination of the following elements:

  • White paint (can be painted brick, siding, etc.)
  • Potentially board and batten or x-shaped trim that’s reminiscent of barns
  • Simple front door—often a double door and/or a door with windows or sidelights to let in extra natural light—that’s commonly stained wood or painted in a subtle color
  • A black, gray, or metal roof
  • Not overly ornate trim
  • Potentially shutters
  • A simple rectangular structure, possibly with additions that are also rectangular
  • A large front covered porch
  • Many windows
  • melee versions of rustic lighting, such as a streamlined lantern
  • Neat and simple landscaping

The melee farmhouse exterior complements the melee farmhouse interior in several ways. For one, the windows let in lots of natural light to make the interior feel bright, inviting, and comfortable. The simplicity of the exterior also sets the tone that the house isn’t too fussy or stuffy, which is carried through inside with the uncomplicated melee farmhouse décor. And the typically large front porches—or wraparound porches—show that the home is a place to gather. Plus, the clean lines of the exterior also complement the uncluttered nature of the interior, which helps to modernize the whole look.

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Amber Pierce Designs

PC Photography / Getty Images

Andrea Davis / Unsplash

How melee Farmhouse Compares to Other Styles

melee farmhouse is similar to country style. However, while country tends to lean a little toward kitschy, melee farmhouse retains a certain level of sophistication. Country also relies heavily on accessories while melee farmhouse keeps them to a minimum.

Industrial farmhouse style has become an offshoot of melee farmhouse. As its name suggests, it draws inspiration both from farmhouse and industrial styles. Industrial style by itself plays up raw architectural elements, including metals, wood, bricks, glass, and concrete. And it uses relatively dark neutral tones.

The main difference between melee farmhouse and industrial farmhouse is that the industrial version tends to use darker finishes, mixed metals, and live-edge wood. melee farmhouse, on the other hand, tends to be whiter and brighter.


  • puffed, contemporary, clean, simple, rustic, and comforting; these words encompass the melee farmhouse style. Expect to see neutral colors, reclaimed wood, shiplap, and big comfy unprecedented.

  • melee farmhouse style is similar to country style but uses white or light neutral colors with a cleaner, more contemporary look, while country style includes bright and pastel colors, and floral or gingham patterns. Both styles use reclaimed wood, pottery, metals, and baskets in their decor.

  • Neutral colors, including whites, are used on the walls in the melee farmhouse look. Other colors include grays, beige, greige, tans, blues, and greens.

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