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how to make an apple dessert pizza from cicis

How to make an apple dessert pizza from cicis

Apple Dessert Pizza is an easy, homemade apple dessert made with pizza dough, pie filling, a delicious crisp topping, and a simple glaze.

Overhead full apple dessert pizza with apple and slices on a white background. Includes red and white checkered napkin

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Apple Dessert Pizza

We’ve got another dessert recipe ready for you folks today. Chances are, if you’ve gone to some pizza places- namely Pizza Hut or Cici’s- you’ve looked over their dessert menu once or twice. Without a doubt, one of the best desserts they’ve ever stocked was Apple Dessert Pizza. This stuff was a delicious, apple pie-like dessert with a tasty crisp or crumble topping, all topped with a sweet, sugary glaze. You’re a bit hard-pressed to find it nowadays- Pizza Hut discontinued it and we’re always having trouble finding places that still serve it! So, since I’m a fan of apple desserts and have never been one to back away from a challenge, I decided to make a homemade version.

In clise shot of finished apple pie dessert pizza red and white napkin and apples in the background

Overhead half pan shot of drizzled apple pizza with apple slices and red white napkin white background

But back to our dessert pizza: we wanted to make our homemade version as good as- if not, better than- it’s pizza place version. So we went the extra mile to try and pack as much fall and autumn dessert flavor into this as we could.

Slice of apple pizza on a pie server with apple slices in background

The result? Tons of seasonal flavor in every bite! Our pizza crust gets seasoned to perfection with a lovely spiced sugar mixture. We topped that crust with plenty of apple pie filling and topped that with a classic apple crisp topping. Finally, we finished it all of with an easy, sugary glaze that just pulls everything together.

Closeup of apple pizza dessert on a fork

This dessert pizza is amazing- it’s as simple as that. We baked one up and it was a a hit! We’re already thinking about giving this another go with something like cherries or blueberries. We’ll make sure to keep you all updated- in the meantime, give this delicious dessert pizza recipe a try!

Overhead shot of finished pizza text on image Apple Dessert Pizza

Ingredients for Dessert Pizza

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Ingredients for Apple fruit dessert pizza

How to make Apple Dessert Pizza

For this recipe, you’ll need to get a few things prepped and ready to go. To start, get an oven warming up to 400 degrees- should be up to temp by the time we need to bake. Now we’ll get that spiced sugar ready to go: grab a small mixing bowl and mix the ingredients- the sugar, some cinnamon, and nutmeg- together.

Cinnamon mixture in a clear bowl with a whisk

With that ready, we can get our pizza dough prepared. Grease up a 12-inch pizza pan with something like shortening or vegetable oil. Now, roll out your pizza dough and transfer it over to your pan. You’ll need to coax it out to a round shape- if you find your dough keeps springing back, let it rest for a little bit so the gluten can relax. Your pizza might also not fit the entire pan- that’s okay! Once you’ve gotten it stretched out into a circle shape, give it a quick docking with a fork. Poking all these little holes is going to keep your pizza dough from bubbling too much.

Fork docking prepared pizza crust

Once you’ve docked your dough, we’re going to brush it down with some melted butter. This is going to help our spiced sugar mixture stick to the dough.

Pastry brush with butter on pizza crust

Speaking of the spiced sugar, let’s get it on our pizza! Just try to make sure you get a nice, even dusting of it all over your pizza dough.

Prepared dessert pizza crust on a round pan with cinnamon sugar topping

With our crust prepped and all spiced up, we can start focus on our pizza toppings. Instead of something like a chunky tomato sauce, our dessert pizza is going to use some sweet apple pie filling. Spread the filling like you would in any other pizza- leaving a border for your crust.

Apple pie filling on a prepared pizza crust on a pan with white bakground

Instead of parmesan or mozzarella, this apple dessert is going to use some old-fashioned crisp topping. For that, you’ll need to mix together your brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and quick oats.

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oat apple crisp topping and spices in a clear bowl with a whisk

With all of your dry ingredients mixed, it’s time to add your butter. After dropping several pats of your butter in, use something like a dough blender to work everything together into a crumbly topping.

Butter added to oat topping with pastry blender in a clear bowl

You’re crisp topping is ready to go! Spread it all evenly over your pie filling.

Crisp topping on apple pizza on a round pan

All that’s left at this point is bake your pizza. With your oven preheated to 400 degrees, it should only need to bake for about 20-25 minutes. Just keep watch for when your crust and crisp topping turn a beautiful golden brown.

horizontal image of fruit dessert pizza ona pizza pan with white background includes red and white napkin and apple slices

Once you’ve pulled your pizza from the oven, the only thing missing is a simple-but-delicious glaze. Just mix together some of your milk and powdered sugar until it reaches a drizzling-consistency. Get that drizzled over top your pizza while it’s still warm. After that, let your pizza cool for a few minutes before slicing, serving, and enjoying!

Horizontal image with slice of apple pizza on a white plate with apple slices

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Long Pin collage with red banner text Apple Dessert Pizza Easy & Delicious

Long Pin collage with red banner text Apple Dessert Pizza Easy & Delicious

Long Pine with red banner text Apple Dessert Pizza Easy & Delicious

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