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Kwek-Kwek recipe & how to make tokneneng suka vinegar sauce

How to make kwek kwek vinegar sauce

Are you one of the many people around the globe that love eggs? If so, you will surely fall in love with this Kwek-Kwek Recipe.

Kwek-Kwek is one of the most favorite street foods not only among the students but even the adults as well.

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Actually, street foods kiosks have even invaded the malls and there isn’t any without Kwek-Kwek in it.

In fact, there are even some kiosks that sell Kwek-Kwek and Tokneneng (another favorite street food) exclusively.

This Filipino Food has become a favorite snack or to go food by everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Read along to know how it is made.

Kwek-Kwek Recipe (With Vinegar Dip)

Kwek-Kwek Recipe Tips and Preparation

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Kwek-Kwek is a quail egg that’s been hard-boiled then dipped in an orange batter. The batter is composed of baking powder, flour, food coloring, and salt.

This Kwek-Kwek Recipe is very easy to go through a bit messy but the result will keep your mouth watering.

The quail egg alone is already very delicious so what more if you add some flavor to it. You’ll have to coat the eggs with the batter before deep frying it.

Of course, you’ve got to choose fresh eggs and a good quality of the ingredients for the batter like the flour and baking powder.

The food coloring should also be of good quality to avoid that bitter taste that some coloring leaves on the food.

You have to use oil without any aftertaste so as not to affect the taste and everyone who eats it will be truly satisfied. Quail eggs are loaded with protein but at the same time, it is also high in cholesterol so don’t overeat.

After all, you can still cook another time. It’s always better to enjoy eating without having to face the danger of overindulging especially if it’s a bit off on the health side. Hot and spicy Filipino Kwek-kwek

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Healthy Tips: This street food is best eaten with a sprinkle of salt then dipped into vinegar-like Lumpiang Shanghai. It’s up to your preference whether it will be spicy or not.

But whichever you choose, the wonderful taste will really be enhanced more.

If you’ve noticed, the usual partner drink for this is Sago at Gulaman though you can also have soda on the side.

Children and even kids just love this so much and it’s a good idea to cook this once in a while to make them enjoy without the danger of acquiring diseases that can be found when they buy from the street. Kwek-Kwek with Suka That’s the disadvantage of buying in the streets because they use a common sauce that even after they have already put it in their mouths, they will still dip it in the sauce and this is where the bacteria may spread.

As such, the children and adults alike may get an infection or intestinal problems because of this.

Preparing and cooking the Kwek-Kwek Recipe isn’t so hard to do so for a cleaner and safer indulging in this mouth-watering food, you can start doing it at home instead of allowing the kids to buy from the street vendors.

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